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This journal documents an approach to reading "important" books on a schedule determined by occult numerology. Two readers will record their impressions reading 9 books over 6 months, or one book every 3 weeks. We will begin on November 11, 2005 after we have put aside our current reading projects. This project was inspired by an article in Good Ideas Magazine, Issue No. 1, November 2005, reproduced below. Our particular instantiation of this idea will be revealed in a subsequent post. If you like this journal, we encourage you to do something similar so that we can read it.

Requirements A reading partner; a library card; a web journal.
Duration 6 months.

1. Together with your reading partner, brainstorm a list of 36 books you consider important to have read: 24 shall be books neither has read; 6 shall be books you have read but the other has not; 6 shall be books the other has read but you have not.

2. Each reader decides on 3 books to read of the 6 prescribed to her/him and in what order.

3. Of the 24 books neither has read, create a shorter list of books either reader would consider to be members of the set "Top 5 Books to Read."

4. Divide this new list into fiction and non-fiction. Each reader chooses one book from the fiction list that both shall read. Both readers then discuss and come to an agreement on one non-fiction book that both shall read. The second non-fiction book shall be decided by coin toss after all non-fiction books of the same scope (i.e. broad survey or narrow focus) have been struck from the list.

5. Decide on a genre or tradition both readers are unfamiliar with but consider important. Each person will read one book of his/her choosing from this category.

6. Discuss the remaining 20 books neither party has read and eliminate all but 8. Choose which one book both shall read by flipping a coin 3 times.

7. Decide on a starting and ending book and a reading schedule. The editors recommend 3 weeks per book -- long enough to get through most books, short enough to ensure you still have time to apply all the wisdom contained therein. The occult significance of this schedule is described by the formula below.

3 weeks/book X 9 books = 6 months


Anonymous Ruth Talbot said...

Interesting concept but what's the occult significance? I am a member of multiple reading groups including the Morristown Senior Citizen Book Club (which meets at the Morristown Community Center the first Tuesday of every month at 2:30 pm) and Oprah's Book Club. How does this differ from any other group of friends getting together to discuss fine literature?

I don't mean to sound "squarish" but I still have nightmares about Rosemary's Child and I haven't seen that film since 1975! Just remember that the occult and Satanism can rub some people the wrong way.

While I'm throwing in my 2 old-lady cents, let me reccomend some books for you:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) by Ann Coulter

(I vote Democrat but I like to hear both sides)

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

(The finest piece of Negro literature I've ever read)

I'll be interested to see where you take your weblog from here.
Best Wishes,
Mrs. Ruth Talbot

11:38 PM  

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